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Thread: His face was read.

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    His face was read.

    Her cum erupted down his throat, giving him no option to swallow, instead, her hot seed just pulsed straight down his throat into his stomach, his body weakly moving as his air supply dwindled and his mind was flooded with the sensations. He couldn’t, he was surprised to realise, even taste her cum, one benefit, he realised, of the depth at which she was emptying her balls into him was that it was well past his tongue. As he started to feel the haze of air depredation he heard Katie above him moan happily, slowly starting to withdraw her cock from his throat, much sooner, he was grateful to realise, than Brittany had on her turn. Nevertheless, his face was red as he felt a sudden pressure give and he managed to draw in a sudden gasp of air, he coughed and gasped for breath, his slim chest rising and falling rapidly as he snapped back to his senses. Then he tasted it.

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    Do you know phone number of any transsexual.

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