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Looking at his cock it was a nice thick 6 inches easy. Cut and wanting to be touched and sucked. As I grabbed his shaft with my right hand, I moved my mouth close to his head and licked it. Jake gasped and let out a relaxing sigh. I gathered more courage and licked around his head, making sure I took my time and soaked his throbing head. I continued further by dropping down to the base of his cock, and licking all the way up the shaft. I kept doing this until his entire rod was soaked. As I came back up to the head of his cock, Jake looked down at me in amazement. He knew what was about to happen, and he wanted it even more than I did. I opened my mouth and positioned myself over the top of his cock. Slowly I lowered my mouth and started sucking on his cock. A soft moan escaped his lips as he brought his hands to the back of my head. Sucking on his cock must have gotten him very excited, he was trying to push down my head too much and I started to gag. I dug my fingernails into him and he relaxed again, allowing me to suck his cock normally. Trying to pick up my speed I heard the slurping sound I was making on his cock. That sound started to turn even me on, as I took my free hand down to my panties and to my tucked rod. Rubbing it, Touching it, and getting it harder. Hoping that I could cum in my panties, just like a real girl.