I fucked my wife last night
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Thread: I fucked my wife last night

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    I fucked my wife last night

    We moved to our bedroom, where she took my pants and boxer briefs off. My cock was already fully erect and throbbing for her attention. She grabbed my cock and start to give me a hand job. We walk over to the bed, and she lays down and I get on top of her. We continue making out and my hand makes its way to her dripping wet pussy. I love how wet she gets at the slightest encounter. I played with her clit with one finger and she starts to moan softly. I move one, then two fingers into her pussy to find her g-spot. I know her well, so I know I hit the jackpot when she lets out a long moan. At this point my cock is throbbing and I can't wait to push myself into her. But not yet. I continue to finger her more, getting her even more wet. I love eating her pussy, so I move my head down to her pussy. She smells amazing and her pussy is glistening from how wet it is. I start by licking her clit, and then her lips. I alternate between the two, and get some help with my fingers in her pussy. She starts to moan more intensely, and moving her hips up and down. I ride her waves and continue to lick her while my other hand is grabbing one of her boobs. I love how her pussy tastes, and the wetter she gets the more of her I get to taste. She grabs my head and pushes me into her pussy. At this point I know she's orgasmed at least twice, and she looks at me and tells me that she wants me to fuck her hard and needs my cock.
    I help her out of the chemise so I can get easier access to her boobs. She's laying there with her legs spread, her pussy completely wet, her clit and lips swollen. We're both eager for me to push my cock inside her. I position my cock at her pussy and with one trust I push my length into her. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and I start to thrust in and out of her. We love hard, fast sex, so I pound her pussy really hard. My balls slap up against her body with each thrust. I lay on top of her, and she bites my shoulder as I bite her neck. We're in pure bliss. I sit up a bit, and she tells me that she wants to be on top of me. We switch up positions, and she climbs onto my cock. I love having her on top since I can play with her ass and boobs more. I grab her ass hard, and start to thrust hard and fast again. I slap her ass and it makes the perfect sound. We continue this way for a bit and she moans more and more. We get to a point where she wants something else, so she gets off my cock and sits on my face. I love eating her out, and having her sit on my face is even more of a turn on for me. She controls nearly every aspect of me eating her out. My cock gets immediately harder as I start to lick her swollen pussy. Her cum is all around her lips from all the thrusting. I lick it all up and continue to pleasure her clit. She orgasms again and gets off my face. We lay there for a moment to regain some energy.

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    wow thats amazing man, you have write everything in details. it is a great job and let me say i am happy for your experience

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