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Thread: Be careful when you read this.

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    Be careful when you read this.

    Hi my friends,
    I went straight to our bathroom and removed my white cotton panties. They were soaked and the smell of sex permeated the room. I put on my robe and entered the bedroom. Jess was there still fully clothed. I went up to him and kissed him passionately on the mouth. I grabbed at his belt and tried to disrobe him as fast as I could. He got the idea right away and tore off his shirt. Pulling my robe open I pressed his head against my breast and he started sucking eagerly. He pushed me down on the bed and position his rock hard cock at the entrance to my vagina. His eyes were wild with excitement never having seen me in this type of state before. He plunged his cock into my pussy all the way up to the hilt in one thrust. My juicy cunt accommodating his entire length. As he piston me against the mattress I whispered," Harder, baby, harder." Jess begin pounding me as Bill had done to Bret. I felt so full as his cock head pressed deep against my cervix. I fantasized seeing Bill's monster cock stretching my pussy. I wrapped my ankles around Jess's backside and thrust my self against his onslaught. That burning sensation started creeping into my womb and I cried out,"Cum with me, baby." Jess was fucking me as hard as he could and his neanderthal grunts filled the air. I heard someone wailing at the top of their lungs in the background before I realized it was me,"AAaarrrggghhh!" I came like never before and my body convulsed around the cock that was embedded in my pussy.

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    When someone is overseas, it's really hard to avoid thinking about having sex especially if you are a girl. She was probably hungry as hell for cock. And who knows, he could be cheating too.

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