I fucked her slowly, long but purposeful strokes so that she could feel every inch of me. I moved my head down and flicked her nipples with my tongue while my cock filled her soaking wet pussy. Every pump in and out made these gorgeous wet sounds, and I looked down and saw that my cock was absolutely coated in her creamy goodness. I could not believe that we were doing this, it felt so weird. But so fucking good. She was so tight and slick.
I fucked her a little harder now, grabbing at her waist to steady her. Her breathing was getting so heavy, little moans every now and again too. This was way too much for me and I couldn’t hold back any longer, I thrust myself deep inside her and exploded, firing ropes of thick, hot cum inside her body. I held on to her for a minute or so while we kissed before slowly pulling myself out of her and admiring my handiwork oozing out of her. I grabbed a towel and we cuddled for a little bit before hopping in the shower together. We played a little and then got dressed.