You should go there.
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Thread: You should go there.

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    You should go there.

    Have you heard about the new club in this city. I have been just one time and I can say that you should go there.

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    Our eyes lock. My right hand slides down my left arm, around my head, pausing to twirl a piece of auburn brown hair around my finger, then slowly sliding my hand down the front of my body. Your pupils widen as my hand pauses to caress my tight breasts.

    I turn my body ever so slightly to the left and let my hand drift down to my hip and across my round ass. My fingers curl the hem of my short skirt up a bit too far and my red thong appears. Your eyes darken and your tongue sweeps across your lips. I close my eyes and turn away from you, rocking my hips side to side. I bend over.

    As I stand upright, I feel your body against mine. Your hands move to my shoulders, sliding down my body. I raise my hands in the air and turn to face you. Smiling, my blue eyes meet your brown eyes. Your hands slide down and grab my bare ass under my skirt.

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    have a look

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    This story look like a fantasy more than a real experience

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