This is so hot.
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Thread: This is so hot.

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    This is so hot.

    Hi all this is my experience,
    He had been driving me from my head!!! He leaned down and began kissing me and pulled my hands to his crotch and told me to shoot his own dick out. I might have cared less what anybody around us believed - I'd never find them again. My sole concern was that the prospect of going to jail, however, the alcohol and enthusiasm had been controlling my actions in this point. I reached down with both hands, unzipped his fly, reached into his pants, and pulled one of the greatest most lovely black cocks I'd ever seen. I would like to drop back on my knees and suck on it, but figured that would be too apparent. Leaning down he pulled me into himgrabbed my buttocks and lifted up me onto his penis that I grabbed and directed in my sopping wet pussy. We weren't getting the audience attention I had anticipated. My dress was pretty much covering up the majority of the actions, but I truly don't think anyone actually cared what was happening. I started humping and grinding my bum using the complete length of his prick inside my pussy, and I moaned into his ear I was cumming again throughout his cock. We simply stood there in an embrace for a few minutes in the center of the dancing floor. When his cock began to soften it slip from my pussy, and combined with it a flood of mixed pussy juice and sexy sperm. The combination caused it to my knees until I could grab with my own dress.

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    mmmm what a drilling story. I would have like to be part of it.

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